mung ghItlh'a'pedia
lup: chIj, Qul

The ghItlh'a'pedia is the project of encyclopædia by Uncyclomedia Foundation to the klingon language. The your history will be related from start until current times.



28 October[edit]

During the meeting about new creation of languages for encyclopædias, in Uncyclomedia or simply UnMeta, the user UltraJohnny does the proposal to creation of a project in klingon language:

People interested [if native speaker, please mark (N)]: UltraJohnny (N, I have a dictionary of Klingon, and love this language.)
  • Proposer's user account in UnMeta and other wikis: UltraJohnny
  • User accounts of others who are willing to work on the proposed wiki: |-
Project name: Unklingonpedia
ISO 639 language code: tlh: (appears to be a non-standard code, exists in MediaWiki but disabled by default)
Proposed domain: http://kg.uncyclopedia.org or http://kg.uncyclo.org
Main Page name: tlhInga Hol - Unklingonpedia
External links to sites that promote the language:
Relevant infos:
  • Link to article(s) on the language in an existing Uncyclopedia:
  • Native name: Klingon
  • Approximate number of speakers:
  • Locations spoken: All World... and UNIVERSE!
  • Closely related languages, if any: Interlac
  • Language Family / Sub-Family: Alien Family
  • External links to organizations that promote the language: http://klingon.wikia.com/wiki/ghItlh%27a%27

See that some informations proposed by UltraJohnny are different of current times.


9 November[edit]

The ghItlh'a'pedia is established. Is maked the first edition for site's history, by

15 November[edit]

Birth of first ghItlh'a'pedia's user, CartoonistHenning, currently ghItlh'a'pedia's administrator and other wikis.



18 April[edit]

Birth of user Renan, user that will start the ghItlh'a'pedia's development times later.

25 April[edit]

Is created the GhItNews project.


18 May[edit]

Birth of a ghItlh'a'pedia's administrator, Rhubella Marie, currently ghItlh'a'pedia's administrator and other wikis.

29 May[edit]

The user CartoonistHenning denominates the users Renan and Rhubella Marie to administrator, rollback and check user functions.

31 May[edit]

Happen the first upload: the image 628px-Klingon and humans.jpg. The author is Renan.


20 June[edit]

Is created the first article of ghItlh'a'pedia: Klingon Language Institute (tlhIngan Hol yejHaD). The author is Renan.


5 July[edit]

Is created the Forum. The autohor is Renan.

6 July[edit]

The user Renan start the klingonization process of MediaWiki.


7 August[edit]


Is created the first ghItlh'a'pedia's logo. The author is Renan.

Is created the Holdictionary.

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